Transform Your Sacramento Home with Aura Heaters

Located in the dynamic city of Sacramento, California, Aura Heaters brings you a premium range of residential outdoor heaters designed to enhance your outdoor living experience. With Sacramento’s distinct climate, featuring hot summers and cool winters, our carbon fiber heaters are crafted to provide efficient and stylish heating solutions year-round. These carbon fiber heaters offer energy efficiency, fast heating capabilities, and a longer lifespan compared to traditional heaters. For safety, it is crucial to connect the heater to a branch circuit protected by a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). The Aura Residential Outdoor Heater Collection ensures your outdoor spaces remain warm, cozy, and inviting regardless of the season.

Innovative Heating Solutions with High Heat Output for Sacramento Homes

Aura Heaters leads the way in advanced, energy-efficient outdoor heating technology. Our state-of-the-art outdoor heaters utilize medium wave infrared heat energy to produce a softer radiant heat which is more effective at heating human skin. Our heating units are designed with safety precautions in mind, ensuring high heat output without compromising on safety. Our products guarantee that your Sacramento outdoor areas are enveloped in comforting warmth without compromising on style. Our products deliver exceptional performance while adding a touch of elegance to your outdoor settings, making every outdoor experience unforgettable.

Whether you’re extending your evenings on the patio or creating a cozy garden retreat during cooler months, Aura Heaters offers the perfect heating solutions for every outdoor environment. Our expert team is ready to help you explore our complete heater collection and find the ideal outdoor heaters for your Sacramento residence. To reduce fire risk, it is important to secure the heating unit at a certain height, use appropriate bulbs, prevent access to the heater by animals, and avoid enclosures that restrict heat movement.

Embrace Sacramento’s Charm with Aura Heaters

Sacramento, known for its rich history, innovative spirit, and beautiful landscapes, provides the perfect setting for our Residential Outdoor Heaters. Just as Sacramento seamlessly blends tradition with modernity, our outdoor heaters combine advanced technology with sleek designs to enhance your home’s exterior.

From the scenic Sacramento River views to the vibrant city streets filled with history and culture, Sacramento’s diverse environment requires adaptable heating solutions. Aura Heaters are engineered to excel in Sacramento’s climate, ensuring your outdoor spaces are always warm and comfortable. With their high heat output, Aura Heaters, including our efficient carbon heater models, provide effective warmth, making them ideal for any outdoor setting.

Decor Glass Residential Outdoor Heater

Explore the Aura Residential Outdoor Heater Collection

Our collection features three flagship series, each designed to suit your home and lifestyle. These heaters provide high heat output and come with precautions for safe installation and usage, such as securing the lamp several feet above the ground. Additionally, it is important to use a cloth to handle replacement bulbs to prevent oil transfer from your hands, which can reduce the bulb’s usable life. Handling bulbs with a cloth prevents oil transfer, ensuring the bulb maintains its full lifespan.

Carbon Fiber Series

Residential Outdoor Electric Heaters: Carbon-Fibre-Series

The Carbon Fiber Series offers exceptional energy efficiency and powerful heat output, making it an ideal choice for Sacramento’s varied outdoor environments. These heaters operate silently and emit no visible light, enhancing comfort and style without disrupting the ambiance.

Decor Series

Decor Series

Combining efficiency with elegance, the Decor Series heaters seamlessly fit into any indoor or outdoor décor. With numerous customizable options and smart Bluetooth connectivity, these outdoor heaters bring both warmth and sophistication to your Sacramento home.

Shadow Series

Shadow Series

For compact spaces without compromising on design, the Shadow Series offers a sleek and high-performance heating solution. These heaters are easy to install and are perfect for smaller patios or balconies, providing warmth without overwhelming the space’s aesthetic.

Your Comfort, Our Priority

“Aura Heaters have completely changed how we use our outdoor space. Even on chilly nights, our patio is now a warm and inviting area where we can relax and entertain comfortably.”

John D., Sacramento Homeowner

Frequently Asked Questions

Aura Heaters are designed to adapt to changing temperatures, providing consistent and comfortable warmth. The infrared technology ensures immediate heat, ideal for Sacramento’s fluctuating climate.

Absolutely. Our advanced infrared spectrum technology delivers direct, efficient heat, ensuring your outdoor areas stay warm even on the coolest Sacramento nights.

Yes. Our Shadow Radiant Technology is perfect for semi-enclosed and enclosed spaces, making it ideal for Sacramento’s patios and decks.

Our heaters feature a powder-coated aluminum body and low-clearance brackets that seamlessly integrate with various architectural styles found in Sacramento, maintaining aesthetic appeal while providing functionality.

Aura Heaters are highly energy efficient, balancing radiant and convective energy to minimize electricity usage, making them a cost-effective solution for residents who prioritize sustainability and energy efficiency.

Yes, it is crucial to use a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) when connecting Aura Heaters to a branch circuit. This safety measure helps reduce the risk of electrical shock, ensuring safe operation in various environments. Always verify GFCI protection to maintain safety standards.

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