Aura Heaters Cutting Edge Heating Solutions in Boston

We’re an industry leader renowned for our high-quality, energy-efficient commercial electric heaters. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, our products add a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal, ensuring optimal comfort, even in the most challenging weather conditions.

Designed to cater to a wide range of commercial spaces, Aura Heaters offers a solution for every heating need, setting a new standard in heating technology.

Unsure where to start? Connect with one of our heating experts today, and let us help you find the perfect heating solution for your space.

Unique and Historic Boston, a City with Personality

Boston, an enchanting city cherished for its rich history and vibrant culture, is a beacon of charm, drawing people from all corners of the globe. The city’s unique character is accentuated by its diverse seasonal weather, which adds to its appeal.

Each season distinctly marks the city with a new facet of its beauty, from the blossoming flowers in the spring, the shimmering beaches in the summer, the colourful foliage in the fall, to the picturesque snow-blanketed landscapes in the winter. This changing tapestry of nature adds dynamism to Boston’s life and shapes its residents’ and visitors’ unique experiences and memories.

This variety and unpredictability of weather make living in Boston an adventure, influencing everything from fashion to food, outdoor activities and heating solutions.

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Aura Heaters Collection Offer Quality Heating Options

Designed to Meet the Specified Needs of Your Application, Aura Performance Heaters Offer a Variety of Medium and Long Wave Heaters.

At Aura Heaters, we pride ourselves in offering a diverse range of heating solutions catered to meet the needs of our customers in Boston.

Our portfolio includes three flagship series: the Carbon Fiber Series, the Decor Series, and the Shadow Series.

Carbon Fiber Series

Patio Heaters

Carbon Fiber Series is renowned for its exceptional energy efficiency and heat output, making it an ideal choice for larger commercial spaces.  The advanced carbon fiber technology ensures fast and efficient heating without generating any noise or light, making it perfect for quiet and dimly lit spaces. The IP 65 environmental protection rating ensures the heater can be safely installed in exposed environments, effectively preventing water or dust ingress.

Decor Series

Outdoor Kitchen Infrared Heaters Aura Heaters

Decor Series combines functionality with design, offering efficient heating solutions seamlessly blending into any interior aesthetic. Available in white or black finishes, this series is perfect for spaces where design is just as crucial as functionality. Additionally, this model is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, enabling users to effortlessly control the heater’s output using the free Aura Connect app on their smart devices. This convenient feature allows for seamless adjustments and enhances the overall user experience.

Shadow Series

Residential Outdoor Heaters

Shadow Series, with its sleek design and high performance, offers an unobtrusive heating solution that doesn’t compromise on style or performance. Perfect for spaces with limited wall space, the Shadow Series can be easily mounted on ceilings or beams. Best for enclosed or semi-enclosed spaces, great as a solarium or garage heaters.
Each series is engineered with medium and long-wave heaters, offering various options to meet your specific heating needs while maintaining the highest quality and performance standards.

Create a Comfortable Environment for Valued Guests

“I’ve always faced the challenge of providing my customers a warm and comfortable dining environment during the cold months. I found my solution in Aura Heaters. Not only does the Carbon Fiber Series offer efficient heating, ensuring my restaurant is always at the perfect temperature, but it also blends seamlessly with my restaurant’s decor.”

Tom S.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our space heaters are designed with cutting-edge technology to ensure optimal performance even in Harsh weather conditions. Aura Heaters can maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, no matter how cold it gets outside.

Absolutely! Aura Heaters are built to last with robust construction and high-grade materials. They can withstand the seasonal changes in Boston and continue to provide energy-efficient heating throughout the year.

Our infrared heaters have medium- and long-wave heating options, ensuring sufficient heat output for larger commercial spaces, even during the coldest Boston winters.

We highly emphasize heating needs, ensuring energy efficiency. Our heaters are designed to add maximum heat output with minimal energy consumption, making them a cost-effective solution for your commercial spaces in Boston.

Yes, our range of heaters is designed to cater to various commercial spaces, including warehouses, garages, and loading docks, regardless of size. We offer tailored solutions to meet your heating needs, ensuring your space is always warm and comfortable. Reach out to one of our heating experts today.