Pergola Outdoor Heaters

Pergolas, gazebos and other outdoor structures are perfect for unwinding and catching up with family and friends. They offer shelter from the elements while allowing to enjoy the outdoors.

At Aura Performance Heaters, we turn your pergola up and help create the ideal backyard for outdoor gatherings.

When creating the ideal outdoor space for relaxation and socializing with loved ones, few additions can compare to our ​​outdoor heaters for pergolas, gazebos, and other outdoor structures. While these structures provide a wonderful blend of shelter and open-air ambience, adding an outdoor heater makes them the go-to spot for unwinding and catching up with family and friends.

Electric Heaters for your outdoor structure

Elevating Your ​​Outdoor Space With Our Pergola Heaters

While gazebos and pergolas have a covered or sheltered roof, they are typically open on all sides and can leave guests uncomfortable on breezy summer evenings.

Aura Carbon Fiber heaters are performance-driven with a high heat density output, making them less susceptible to breezy environments. Hang your pergola heater from above with Aura Suspension Poles, or mount it directly onto your outdoor structure to offer on-demand heating for your next gathering.

Raising the Temperature With Style

Aura Performance Heaters excel in functionality and their contribution to your outdoor aesthetics. Their sleek, contemporary design seamlessly integrates with a variety of architectural styles. Constructed from premium materials, these heaters are built to withstand the test of time, delivering consistent, efficient warmth for years. When investing in Aura heaters, you’re investing in comfort and style.

Effortlessly Warm-Up At the Touch of a Button

Operating Aura Performance Heaters is a straightforward process. Featuring user-friendly controls, you can effortlessly adjust the heat output to match your preferences. Whether you desire a gentle warmth or a toasty ambiance, these heaters offer customizable settings. Their silent operation ensures that your conversations are never interrupted.

Our Carbon Fibre Series, The Ultimate Solution For Your Pergola

Our high-performance, state-of-the-art Carbon fibre braid emitter is at the heart of our cutting-edge innovation for carbon fibre technology. Meticulously crafted from aerospace-grade filaments, this remarkable technology delivers unparalleled brightness while maintaining exceptional performance-to-brightness ratios.

Pergola Infrared Heaters  Aura Heaters


Control the temperature of your heater with ease using the included multi-step remote control without the need for complex and expensive control systems. Additionally, the heater can be easily switched to remote control bypass mode, enabling a hard-wired connection.


Constructed with robust 6000 series aluminum extrusion, this heater provides a sturdy structural frame while maintaining cool temperatures.


Designed to withstand extreme environments, the CF Heater is engineered to outperform its competitors, whether it’s on your back porch or in your Alpine ski cabin. The heater is weatherproof with an IP 65 environmental protection rating that prevents water and dust ingress, making it suitable for installation in exposed environments.


Multiple mounting options are available, including wall and ceiling suspension. Wall brackets are provided for all models, while suspension brackets are included for heaters with a wattage of 3000 and above.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pergola Heaters

Yes, our outdoor heaters are designed to be installed in a variety of structures, including pergolas. However, proper installation and safety precautions should always be taken.

The number of heaters needed will depend on your pergola’s size and the desired level of warmth. Our team can assist you in determining the best placement and number of heaters for your specific space.

Our outdoor heaters are built with durability in mind and can last for years with proper maintenance. The carbon fibre elements have an estimated lifespan of 8,000-10,000 hours.

The best way to heat an outdoor space is by using our pergola outdoor heaters. These heaters are specifically designed for outdoor use and provide efficient and customizable warmth for your space. Other options such as fire pits or electric heaters may also be effective, but they do not offer the same level of control and convenience as our pergola outdoor heaters.

These heaters typically utilize electric power to generate heat. They emit radiant warmth, and directly heat people and objects in their vicinity, ensuring efficient and effective heating for outdoor commercial areas.

While outdoor pergola heaters typically utilize electricity to generate heat, not all are created equal. Powered by electricity, our Aura Performance CF Series features a high-performance Carbon fibre braid emitter constructed with aerospace-grade filaments for superior performance and brightness.

Aura Performance outdoor heaters are versatile and adaptable, making them suitable for various commercial settings, including restaurants, cafes, hotels, and event venues. However, selecting the appropriate heater model is crucial based on your specific space’s size and heating needs.

Yes, Aura Performance Heaters often incorporate energy-efficient technologies. They typically offer adjustable settings to control heat output, allowing businesses and homeowners to optimize energy usage while maintaining a comfortable environment.

Most Aura Performance Heaters are designed to be weather-resistant and capable of withstanding rain and wind. Nonetheless, it’s essential to review the product specifications and follow manufacturer guidelines to ensure they suit your particular climate.

Installation and operation of Aura Performance Heaters are designed to be user-friendly. However, for safety and optimal performance, it’s recommended to have a certified electrician handle the installation process.

Yes, regular maintenance is crucial to ensure the longevity and efficiency of these heaters. Maintenance tasks may include cleaning, inspecting for wear and tear, and confirming that all components function correctly. Detailed maintenance instructions can typically be found in the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Our heaters often come equipped with safety features such as tip-over switches, overheat protection, and protective grills to prevent accidents and ensure safe operation in commercial spaces.

We extend the usability of outdoor commercial spaces, provide a comfortable environment for patrons, potentially increase revenue by accommodating guests year-round, enhance the ambiance of outdoor settings, and create a cozy atmosphere for customers, ultimately improving the overall customer experience.