What is infrared heating?

Infrared heaters work like the sun, radiating their heat instantly to the people or objects within their beam. It is the most effective way to warm people, as there is little energy loss to the wind and there is no warm up period.

Electric infrared is a more efficient heating source than a typical convective gas heater in outdoor or breezy environments. Gas heaters aim to heat up the air in the space – in an outdoor, exposed setting, much of that energy is lost due to wind. Electric Infrared heating is ideal for outdoor environments, from a restaurant patio to your backyard oasis.

What is the cost to operate infrared heaters?

Infrared heaters are economical to operate and can be less expensive than propane heating. It’s a simple calculation to find your operating cost. Take the wattage of your heater and multiply it by your local power rate, which can be found online or on your recent utility bill.

For example, if you have a 1500w (1.5kw) Heater, and your local rate is 15¢ /kwh, your hourly cost to operate is 22.5¢/hour. [1.5kw x 15¢/kwh = 22.5¢/hour]
Don’t forget that infrared is also far more efficient than conventional gas heating, so your delivered heat per unit is also much higher.

Are infrared heaters safe to use?

Yes. All Aura heaters are cETLus approved to UL and CSA requirements.Aura emitters are similar in operation and safety requirements to normal Halogen floodlight lamps, and when installed as recommended and under normal, correct usage are a low-risk product. There are also no hazards gasses produced when operating an Aura heater.

Where can I buy the Aura heaters?

Aura heaters can be purchased through local distributors and authorized online dealers. Please contact sales to find your local distributor.

Can heaters be recessed?

None of the Aura Heaters can be recessed. But the Shadow has a low profile!

How do I control my heaters? Can I connect my Aura heaters to my Smart Home?

All CF Series heaters come with a remote and onboard controls (PCB). Aura CF Series can also be hardwired into zoning control through your home system or BMS with the purchase of a control system – contact Aura for a complete consultation.
CF Series Black 1500W


Can I plug my heaters into a 120V outlet?

Our residential 120V heaters can simply be plugged into a standard socket (GFI protected for outdoor use).

Can I install the heaters myself?

All 240V heaters must be hardwired and installed by a licensed electrician.

How long does it take my heater to turn on?

Aura Heaters have a performance driven shot-medium wave emitter that allows quick warm up time. You can expect your heater to be full power within a minute.


How can I ensure a long life of my heater?

Aura Heaters require little maintenance to ensure a long life. Reflectors should be cleaned annually and emitters need replacing every 5-10,000 hours depending on the lamp type. Emitter can be replaced in as little as 10 minutes.

Is my heater weatherproof?

Yes, all CF Series heaters are water resistant and rated to an industry leading IP65 rating which means you can install the heaters in fully exposed, wet environments. We recommend installing under a covered area for a longer life.

What is the warranty?

All parts of Aura infrared heaters have one (1) Year warranty to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for normal residential use and maintenance for one (1) year from the date of purchase by the original consumer.

How long can I expect my emitter to last?

Emitters are rated a lifetime of 5-10,000.
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