Heat Your Outdoor Space with Confidence

Electric infrared patio heaters are becoming an increasingly popular choice for commercial outdoor heating. From upscale restaurants to cozy cafes, these heaters are often seen adorning the outdoor spaces, providing much-needed warmth and a comfortable setting. Their unique infrared technology, which offers rapid heating, economical operation, and efficient energy use, sets them apart.

But that’s not all; they also score high on aesthetics, fitting seamlessly into any commercial decor and offering a multitude of mounting options. Join us as we delve into the five key things you should know about these innovative heating solutions.

Imagine the joy of enjoying a cup of coffee or a delightful meal in an outdoor setting amidst enchanting decor, even when the temperature dips. Electric Infrared commercial patio heaters make this possible by turning your commercial outdoor spaces into cozy, inviting areas that customers can relish year-round. Gone are the days when cold winter months or chilly evenings meant a discomforting patio and loss of business.

By leveraging the power of infrared heating, you can offer your customers the unique experience of al fresco dining in a comfortable and warm atmosphere, regardless of the season. These heaters are not just tools to combat cold weather; they are assets that transform outdoor spaces into hotspots of customer activity.

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Rapid Heating for Instant Warmth

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One of the most significant advantages of electric infrared patio heaters is their ability to provide rapid heating. Unlike traditional heaters, which operate by warming the air around them, infrared heaters work on a different principle. They emit invisible infrared light, which is absorbed directly by objects and people in its path.

This means the warmth is not carried away by the wind or lost in the open air, but instead, it provides instant, direct warmth to the people and objects in its range. The result is a comfortable, cozy atmosphere that invites customers to linger longer, regardless of the weather conditions. The speed and efficiency of infrared heating technology ensure your outdoor space remains warm and inviting within moments of switching the heaters on.

Infrared heat is the same type of heat we feel from the sun minus the harmful UV rays. This technology offers a more direct and efficient method of heating, as it does not rely on warming the air first. The result is a quick, comfortable warmth that is particularly suited to open outdoor spaces, enabling businesses to maintain a cozy, inviting ambiance in their patios, irrespective of the weather conditions.

Economic Benefits of Infrared Heaters

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Electric infrared patio heaters are a cost-effective choice for commercial outdoor heating. What makes them economical is their exceptional energy efficiency. Traditional heating methods often waste energy by heating the surrounding air, much of which is lost to the open environment. In contrast, infrared heaters heat people and objects directly, ensuring minimal energy wastage.

They convert nearly 90% of the input energy into radiant heat, making them one of the most efficient heating systems available. This high conversion rate results in significant energy savings, reducing operating costs and making them a more environmentally friendly option. Over time, these energy savings can substantially reduce your business’s energy bills, enhancing your profit margins.

Clean and Efficient Technology

Electric infrared patio heaters

Electric infrared patio heaters stand out for their clean and efficient operation. Unlike traditional heating systems that burn fossil fuels such as propane or natural gas, these heaters rely solely on electricity. This operation method eliminates the production of smoke or harmful emissions, which are common byproducts of burning fossil fuels.

Consequently, these heaters contribute to a healthier environment both on and off your patio. Customers can enjoy their time outdoors without the discomfort of smoke or the guilt associated with environmental pollution. Commercial heaters provide warmth and peace of mind, underlining their superiority as the cleaner, greener choice for outdoor heating.

Electric infrared heaters also offer some safety features contrary to the common gas heaters. With no gas lines or tanks to worry about, the risk of fire or explosion is significantly reduced. Your staff will be grateful for the convenience of a single button press to activate the heaters, eliminating the hassle of handling propane tanks. Simplify their lives and enhance your customers’ comfort effortlessly.

Fits Any Commercial or Outdoor Decor

Electric infrared patio heaters are not only high-performing and eco-friendly but also notably versatile in terms of design and aesthetics. These heaters come in a variety of styles, sizes, and finishes, easily blending with any commercial decor.

Whether your business aesthetic is modern, rustic, or anywhere in between, an infrared heater will seamlessly fit your outdoor space. Some models even offer customizable elements, allowing you to tailor the look of your heater to match your establishment perfectly.
The Aura Heaters Collection offers a wide array of styles, sizes, and finishes that cater to diverse commercial decor and outdoor spaces.

Carbon Fiber Series

CF3000 - Cottage Boathouse

Our Carbon Fiber Series is renowned for its sleek design that combines modern aesthetics with high-performance heating technology. The compact and robust heaters come in various sizes to suit different spatial requirements. Great for outdoor spaces that need a heater that can deal with the elements.

Decor Series

Decor Glass Residential - Outdoor Heater

Our Decor Series is an elegant fusion of style and function. Available in an array of finishes like stainless steel, matte black, and bronze, these heaters can seamlessly blend into any decor style, from rustic to contemporary. This model also includes Bluetooth connectivity for additional control options.

Shadow Series

Aura Shadow DS3200 - Indoor Room_LR

Our Shadow Series, a unique, low-profile design that’s perfect for businesses seeking a minimalistic yet effective heating solution. These heaters provide potent, comfortable heat without drawing attention away from the overall aesthetics of the space. Whether your outdoor decor is classic, modern, or eclectic, there’s an Aura Heater to complement and enhance your space perfectly.

Endless Mounting Options

The sheer flexibility of mounting options is another advantage of electric infrared patio heaters. They can be easily installed in various positions to suit your commercial space’s specific layout and design. Wall-mounted electric models are perfect for businesses with limited floor space, as they provide efficient heating without occupying valuable ground areas, as a free-standing model might.

Ceiling-mounted heaters, on the other hand, can distribute heat evenly across large areas, making them ideal for spacious patios. Some models also come with adjustable brackets or stands, allowing you to direct the heat exactly where it’s needed.

Our Aura Heating Experts can guide you in the process of designing your commercial space. They will be able to help you select the best possible location for your heaters and also recommend a specific number of units you should purchase. At the end of the day, adding commercial heaters to your outdoor space is a smart business decision as it will allow you to extend your hours and date of operation, making your business more profitable throughout the year.

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Are You Ready To Upgrade Your Outdoor Heating?

Electric infrared patio heaters offer an array of advantages that make them an excellent choice for businesses. Let’s recap: Firstly, they provide rapid heating, quickly creating a warm and inviting environment for customers. Secondly, they’re economically efficient, using less energy than traditional heaters and reducing operational costs.

These heaters prioritize cleanliness and efficiency, operating on electricity, eliminating smoke and reducing their environmental impact. Fourthly, their design versatility allows them to blend seamlessly with any commercial decor, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the outdoor space.

They offer a multitude of mounting options, from wall and ceiling installations to pole mounting, providing optimal heat distribution based on the unique needs of each space. Thus, Electric Infrared Patio Heaters are a smart investment for businesses seeking a reliable, efficacious, and aesthetically pleasing heating solution.


As you contemplate the best way to heat your outdoor space, consider Aura Heaters. With a proven track record of performance, versatility, and elegance, Aura offers a solution that caters to your needs. Our wide range of models ensures that you find a heater that meets your heating demands and aligns with your aesthetic preferences.

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