Patio Plus

The Aura Comfort Plus heater brings heat and warmth to up to 64 sq. ft. of your favorite outdoor area. The Comfort Plus heater is extremely efficient, converting up to 90% of the energy used into directional, radiant heat.

  • On/Off/Remote control conveniently located on floor mount heater post for easy access
  • Built in tip safety that cuts the power supply if the outdoor heater is knocked over
  • IP65 Weatherproof design, safe and odorless
  • ​Rated for wet/dry application cETLus approved
  • 1500W, 120V (AURAPP15120SS), w 8' outdoor rated cable and NEMA 5-15 Plug

What is infrared heating ?


Infrared heaters work like the sun, radiating their heat instantly to the person or objects within their beam. It is the most effective way to warm people, as there is no warm up period. Also, as the air in between remains unheated no heat is lost to drafts, open doors or high roof spaces. This form of heating is ideal in commercial buildings, shipping areas, breezy common areas and all outdoor application as the heating can be zoned and controlled.

Are infrared heaters expensive to run ?


No. Correctly designed heating layouts will establish exact heater requirements. Aura heaters have onboard controls that allow you to manager how long a heater will operate. All operating costs can be calculated in advance and no warm up periods are required.

Are infrared heaters safe to use?


Yes. Aura lamps are similar in operation and safety requirements to normal Halogen floodlight lamps, and when installed as recommended and under normal, correct usage are a low-risk product.

Where can I buy the Aura infrared heaters?


Click get a quote at the top right of the webpage to get more information.

Are specialist installers or electricians required to install?


Our residential heaters can simply be plugged into a standard socket (GFI protected for outdoor use) and a certified electrician is recommended to install our commercial, industrial heaters.

Can heaters be recessed?


None of the Aura Heaters can be recessed. But the Shadow has a low profile!